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fast, dependable service!!!

  • We have the trained professionals with modern equipment to get it done!

    Whether it's a residential 2-inch jet pump or a commercial 5-inch submersible pump we have it in stock!

    We also have 24-hour emergency service for farms, businesses, nursing homes, and for any other extreme situations. We are fully licensed and insured!

    We are hard at work serving people and Contracts to get them Water Wells.

  • You Can Count On North Kent Well & Pump
    • Constant Pressure Pump Available Residential
    • Irrigation 24 Hour Service
    • Commercial, Residential, Municipal
    • Free Estimates
    • Licensed & Insured
    • Great Customer Service
    • Quality Work - Affordable Rates
    • 5 Years Warranty

Our Services

    • All makes and sizes of pumps
    • Well screen cleaning
    • Irrigation
    • Tank changes
    • Water line installation
    • Rotary drilling
    • Residential 2-inch jet pump
    • Commercial 5-inch submersible pump

North Kent Well & Pump use the highest grade stainless steel wire wound screen on the market.

We use only the best products to keep your system as maintenance free as possible. The best way to contact us now is by phone at (616) 696-2699. Contact us for any information regarding your well drilling and pump needs.